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... [verb] to decline from a sound or prosperous condition ... Decay definition and meaning | Collins English Dictionary ... . Define decay. decay synonyms, decay pronunciation, decay translation, English dictionary definition of decay. v. de·cayed , de·cay·ing , de·cays v. intr. 1. Biology To break down into component parts; rot. 2. Physics To disintegrate in a process of radioactive decay... Decay definition, to become decomposed; rot: vegetation that was decaying. See more. Synonyms for DECAY: debilitation, decaying, ... Decay (2015) - IMDb ... . See more. Synonyms for DECAY: debilitation, decaying, declension, decline, degeneration, descent, deterioration, ebbing; Antonyms for DECAY: comeback, improvement, rally ... decay definition: 1. to become gradually damaged, worse, or less; to cause something to do this: 2. If a radioactive…. Learn more. Science and technolo...


Putnam, John
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Decay can possess the drama of a landslide or the intimacy of cracked skin. In “Decay,” photographers Nathan Troi Anderson and J.K. Putnam share how decay looks to them through their lenses. Shot in color and black & white, with their cameras trained on a wide array of subjects, decay begins to take shape, framed by written insights about how they perceive this natural phenomenon. In a distinctly MBP twist, “Decay” also doubles as a pattern book, providing readers with 50 high-resolution, royalty-free patterns of decay that can be used for any number of graphic design applications.

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