Intelligence and Learning

Intelligence and Learning - Lund, Nick | Intelligence refers to an organization's L&D innovations and capabilities ... Artificial Intelligence (AI) vs. Machine Learning ... ... . In other words, a company's ability to define learning goals, understand learning needs and practices, and quantify learning results. Intelligent Learning is what happens when L&D departments, educators, and learners work together to get things right. Visual/Spatial intelligence refers to the ability to form and manipulate a mental model. Individuals with strength in this area depend on visual thinking and are v ... The Role Of Artificial Intelligence In Learning ... ... . Individuals with strength in this area depend on visual thinking and are very imaginative. People with this kind of intelligence tend to learn most readily from visual presentations such as movies, pictures, videos, and demonstrations using models and props. Although learning and intelligence can be conceptually distinguished in terms of formal definitions and measurements, a review of evidence on the relationship between individual differences in measures of learning and of intelligence sugge...


Lund, Nick
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As humans, we often differentiate ourselves from other animals by our intelligence and ability to learn, but are these distinctions always so simple?Covering theories of learning, influences on intelligence, animal intelligence and test performance, Lund discusses the fascinating debates that shape our understanding of this area.Whatever your level of study, this balanced introduction will allow you to look critically at the main theories and cement your understanding of intelligence and learning.

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