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...ory refers to the unmanaged memory in C and C++ ... Dynamic random-access memory - Wikipedia ... ... What is raw memory in C & C++? - Stack Overflow ... ory refers to the unmanaged memory in C and C++. malloc, calloc, realloc, and free are low-level functions that simply deal with raw memory. You can also refer this Stanford document about... "Raw memory" refers to blocks of memory, treated as unstructured arrays of bytes. Higher-level languages use these as the storage for objects; the program usually interacts with these objects... Been trying to get into memory forensics and wanted t...


Wesselingh, Isabelle
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In August 1992, an American journalist uncovered the existence of Serb nationalist-run internment camps in and around the Bosnian town of Prijedor. Images of terrorized, emaciated Croat and Muslim detainees, alongside accounts of starvation, rape and murder, shocked the world and forced the prompt closure of these camps. But they were just one aspect of a campaign of ‘ethnic cleansing’ that helped to drive more than 40,000 people – nearly half the pre-war population of Prijedor – into exile. Although far from unique as a theatre of ethnic cleansing, the town became the focus of an international effort after the war to help refugees return home, and to bring at least some of their oppressors to justice. Even so, years later only a quarter of the exiled population has returned to the region, while Serb nationalist forces remain dominant.

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