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...e u VBZ online knjižari poznati naslov Giger Basic AB autora Giger, H ... Conceptual and theoretical approaches to patient care ... ... . R.. Pronađite najbolje cijene uz najveći izbor! Brza dostava! H.R. Giger is a painter, Oscar award winner and cult figure for the international artistic community for which his aesthetics of the apocalypse represent inspiration and spiritual healing. This book explores the inner hidden world within Gigers pictures.This is the prime book for the fans who are into Gigers work, but dont have the cash to invest in his larger books, or dont yet know if they ... Gigger AB Mailbox 168 111 73 Stockholm Sverige. [email protected] ... A&B Software / Products ... ... Gigger AB Mailbox 168 111 73 Stockholm Sverige. [email protected] [email protected] Org. nr: 559011-8203 . A part of Syncro Group AB; publicly listed on Spotlight Stock Exchange in Sweden as SYNC B. ... The basic ionization mechanism discovered between 18...


Giger, H. R.
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Swiss artist HR Giger (1940–2014) is most famous for his creation of the space monster in Ridley Scott’s 1979 horror sci-fi film Alien, which earned him an Oscar. In retrospect, this was just one of the most popular expressions of Giger’s biomechanical arsenal of creatures, which consistently merged hybrids of human and machine into images of haunting power and dark psychedelia. The visions drew on demons of the past, harking back as far as Giger’s earliest childhood fears as well as evoking mythologies for the future. Above all, they gave expression to the collective fears and fantasies of his age: fear of the atom, of pollution and wasted resources, and of a future in which our bodies depend on machines for survival. From surrealist dream landscapes created with a spray gun and stencils to album cover designs, from guillotine-like sculptures to self-designed bars, Giger personally guides us through his multi-faceted universe in this definitive introduction to a master of horror. Detailed reproductions and designs and a foreword by Timothy Leary complement Giger’s intimate autobiographical texts.

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